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Control Your Utility Bills.

Lumin helps you manage your energy bills. Get notifications to know how much you’re spending. Flexibly pay your bill in small amounts with mobile payments. Having trouble paying? Get instant subsidy assistance applied to your bill. Interested in using your savings to help others? You can Give Back your energy savings and we’ll make sure it helps someone who really needs it.

Trouble paying bills? You're not alone.

Over 16 million utility customers have trouble paying their bills each month. With help only available once a year and assistance programs difficult to access, it’s easy to fall behind on your bills. Lumin makes it easier to pay your bill and get help before you get behind.

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How Lumin Works

Using PayPal, you can connect bank accounts and prepaid debit cards, transfer money from friends and family, or convert cash through PayPal Cash. When you don’t think you can pay your bill, get assistance before you get behind. Assistance is available for you using utility subsidy programs or from other Lumin members. Once your bill is paid, utility incentive programs can help you lower your bill.

Manage Your Energy Bill.

Sign up to get daily energy usage notifications to monitor and manage your utility bill.

About Lumin

Lumin was created in 2014 through a partnership of the Delta Institute, IDEO, ISEIF, Faith in Place, and Atomic Object as a project, DeltaLumin, to educate low and moderate income consumers about the Illinois smart grid. The project quickly grew into the product we call Lumin. We are looking forward to a launch in 2019 in Illinois and beyond.

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